Thanksgiving Table DIY, Saltwash Style

Things have been super busy around the workshop these past few weeks as we have been hitting the road to promote all things Saltwash®. The weather here in Coastal North Carolina has been amazing and, with our families slowly trickling in to celebrate the season, we knew it would be a great weekend to work on our Saltwash® Thanksgiving tablescapes.

Whenever tackling seasonal projects, we always try to use items that we have left over from previous years that may be dated, damaged or just in need of a fresh facelift. This year we styled two separate tablescapes. The first table is a rustic glam look styled with smaller Salwash’d items and a pop of metallic. The second is a more bohemian look, Saltwash’d right down to the table, with earthy elements intermixed.

Rustic Glam Saltwash® Thanksgiving Table DIY

saltwash paint additive diy table


saltwash paint diy


centerpiece diy saltwash paint additive


The center trays are metal. The candle holders and napkin rings are wood. The small pumpkins and gourds as well as the chargers are plastic.

paint texture additive


Bohemian Saltwash® Thanksgiving Table DIY

paint texture with saltwash


saltwash paint powder diy

As with the Rustic Glam tablescape, we had a diverse mix of paintable surfaces. The larger Saltwash’d pumpkin centerpieces are real and make a great little vessel for the succulents. The placemats are fabric and they have been Saltwash’d as well.

saltwash paint powder for centerpieces


creative diy paint texture

The star napkin rings are actually one of our Saltwash® workshop items, usually offered as a seasonal garland workshop, but we drilled a hole right through the middle to make a napkin ring… a great addition to the ‘kids’ table too.

thanksgiving table diy

Happy Thanksgiving from the Saltwash® Crew. The workshop will be closed on Thanksgiving as we spend time with our friends and family… and eat a few oysters in true Coastal North Carolina tradition.