Frequently Asked Questions

What is Saltwash®?

Saltwash® is a base coat powder paint additive that creates a unique weathered look on any surface. Saltwash® was invented to recreate the authentic time worn painted look, which the owners of Saltwash®, commonly had seen on the seaside cottage porches and furniture growing up along the coast. Their mission was to create a formula to replicate the layered, sun and salt air kissed look, while also being quick and easy to use.

What makes Saltwash® the premier paint accessory?

Saltwash® is formulated with actual Sea salt and all organic compounds. It is proven and effective to give you the layered, weathered, sun kissed, sea salt finish to any surface. It is the premier and original texturizing product on the market.

Do you have to prime, clean or sand your surface before using Saltwash® on it?

The beauty of Saltwash® is you do not have to clean or prep your surface before starting. The chemical make-up, including Sea Salt, give Saltwash® an incredible adhesion to any surface without priming, cleaning or sanding.

What types of surfaces can Saltwash® be used on?

Saltwash® adheres to any surface from wood, laminate, glass, fabric, plastic and a variety of other surfaces, with no prep work required.

Can you mix Saltwash® in any type of paint?

Yes. Saltwash® can be mixed into any type of paint including latex, oil, acrylic, indoor/outdoor paint, chalk paint, milk paint, mineral or clay types of paint.

How much Saltwash® should you mix into specialty paints such as chalk or milk paint?

When using a specialty paint, such as chalk or milk paint, you will not need to mix in as much Saltwash® as you would typically use in a latex paint.

What is the expected Drying time?

Saltwash® has actual sea salt within its chemistry, which helps in speeding up the drying process. Indoors drying time is approximately 1.5-2hrs per 18”-24” square inch area. Outdoor sunny/dry conditions is approximately 20-30 min per 18”-24” square inch area. Note: If the Saltwash® is applied very thick in an area, the drying time may be longer in that spot.

Do you need to seal or apply a protective layer or coat of wax to your Saltwashed piece?

Saltwash® is only a base coat. If the topcoat of paint you work with requires a sealer or wax coat , then you must use one. Whatever your topcoat of paint requires reflects whether or not you need a sealer or protective wax coat.

How many square feet will one large 42oz can of Saltwash® cover? 10oz can cover?

42oz large can = 65-75sq/ft; A.10oz small can=15-20 square ft

How long will Saltwash® keep once mixed?

Saltwash® mixture will typically last in a properly sealed container for up to 2 weeks. If your mixture has become too thick and dried out, simply add more paint to your mixture and blend in to desired consistency.

Do you have to apply a top coat over your Saltwash® layer?

Yes, to have the desired look that Saltwash® is designed for, you must apply a topcoat of clean paint, then sand to reveal your Saltwash® base coat layers.

What makes Saltwash® different than typical chalk paint or other specialty paints?

Saltwash® is used as a base coat layer for texture and authentic weathered worn look and can be added in to specialty paints such as chalk paint.

What makes Saltwash® different than paint alone?

Saltwash® has a chemical make up that allows your Saltwash® layer to dry evenly from bottom to top and top to bottom. This differs from typical paint alone, which dries from top to bottom only, causing it to lie down and smooth out, loosing the layered look you want to achieve.

What is Saltwash® made of?

Saltwash® is a patent pending product. Its chemical composition has an active ingredient that when added to paint and applied to any surface it begins to dry throughout all at one time giving the desired layered, aged look. It has NO VOC’s and is a lead free product.

What makes Saltwash® so different than other texturizing products?

As a patent pending product, Saltwash® is the original and only product on the market to ever introduce the sun kissed finish and layering technique that Saltwash® provides. Although companies may try imitate, we are confident that there is only one way to Saltwash®!

Can I try it first?

We love Saltwash®, and we know you will too, but we understand “baby steps” when it comes to trying something new. We have a 4oz “Splash” can sample to offer.

The 4-oz Splash! Can is the perfect introduction to Saltwash® powder, so you can acheive the authentic coastal weathered, layered and sun-kissed look yourself! Simply mix the 4-oz Splash Can with approximately 4-oz of your favorite paint.

*Once mixed, the 4-oz size will cover approximately 3-5 square feet of surface.

Cost per can is $14 including shipping. *Domestic United States only Limit 2 per order.

The 4-oz Splash! Can is the perfect introduction to Saltwash® powder!

*Once mixed, the 4-oz size will cover approximately 3-5 square feet of surface. Cost per can is $14.98 including shipping. *Domestic United States only
Limit 2 per order.

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