Rockstar joining Saltwash® team!

If you could have a Rock Star on your team you would  right!?!….

I mean no matter what team, kickball, cupcake wars, karaoke sing off- Rock Star, that’s who you’d pick out of the line up. So why should painting be any different?


We at Saltwash are so excited to announce that the Johnathon Marc-Mendes of Painted Love is joining the Saltwash team as our new “Global Ambassador”!

He is saddling up along with our original Saltwash ambassador, Danielle of Finding Silver Pennies, to double the jaw dropping Saltwash projects and techniques!

His artistic ability and creative ideas need their own tour, and well, he does actually… Jonathon, who perfected his techniques out of the UK, has traveled all over the world from South Africa, Australia, throughout Europe and on, showcasing and instructing in amazing techniques and finishes. One of the best parts of his rock star painting ability is the way he makes it something that the average DIY-er can bring to their own workshop and actually create themselves!













His talent is only rivaled by his down to earth and friendly attitude. He is quite the complete package and tied up with a sweet and savvy bow of a partner known as Sarah-and what creative/ artsy person doesn’t need a Sarah, we could use four of her I think.

We are all so thrilled to bring Jonathon in to the Saltwash family, that we are jumping right in and kicking off September as “Saltwash September”!

With lots and lots of new ideas and techniques…..








Jonathon is coming off of his celebrity spot on Paint Finish of the Month club with Jennifer Allwood. In this spot he was featured showing how easily you can create a “Metal Verdigris” effect with just three small batches of paint and some Saltwash!

He quickly turns a fake plastic planting urn into a look and feel of verdigris metal! If you saw his tutorial there and your oooo’s and ahhhh’s were too loud to catch all of the “how to’s” and tips, make sure to check it out.













He also will be featuring the Verdigris planter tutorial on his PAINTED LOVE ACADEMY – starting Sept. 17th!

Pssst. and here is a code for a discount on this great tutorial to use at checkout when available-  CODE: saltwash -your welcome!

For Saltwash September, the stunners continue!


You will see, it is almost hard to believe what he has created for us this month and how doable the designs and techniques are, by you, by me, by us…

 Is it magic?, maybe, but he insists that he will reveal the rabbit up his paint covered sleeve, so make sure to follow  

instagram : @jonathonmarcmendes_paintedlove