Make your art “wall worthy” with Saltwash®

                    Step by Step guide to creating a “Saltwash® Colorscape”


Having artistic talent and being creative with the level of talent god gave you…hashtag “stick people”, are two different things; but they can all come together in one pretty little picture when you use Saltwash® in your next art project! We went into the artist studio to see just how easy it is for anyone, at any level, to create a  beautiful piece of art that is “wall worthy”…



Saltwash is one of my favorite tools when painting on canvas. It gives an instant mixed media effect, which draws your eye in and engages your interest.  A simple brush of three or four colors when applied over your Saltwash layers, takes your art to another level without having to have any formal artistic training. Simply chose a grouping of nice complimenting colors, and create. The outcome is amazing, and something that you will be more than proud of, and best part is it goes with any decor, from modern to cottage chic.

Follow this Step- by-Step guide to creating your very own “Saltwash Colorscape”!

Step 1) Find some inspiration:

Living at the beach, I am surrounded by beautiful colors and images daily, but you can find inspiration in anything, anywhere. Maybe its in a photograph, the trees around your home or even a favorite shirt; this inspiration will help you decide on what colors you want to work with and what would look nice together.


Step 2) Gather the tools you will need to begin your masterpiece:

    salt wash paint additive can         

Tools: 4 oz. Saltwash® can, a blank canvas from a hobby store, three or four acrylic paint colors, three to four paintbrushes, a mixing cup for your Saltwash, a sander and a sealant such as decoupage.



Step 3) Quick sketch:

A little guidance is always helpful, so I like to take a pencil and lightly sketch a few lines to guide my vision for my Colorscape. These are merely guidelines, so feel free to “Saltwash outside the lines” as you go.

Step 4) Start Saltwash-ing!

Mix up your batch of Saltwash®. I typically like to use a white paint mixed with Saltwash, and use about a 4 oz Saltwash to 4 oz paint ratio, depending on the size of your canvas. Follow the steps as you typically would Saltwash, nothing changes from the globbing application step, to the knock down phase and make sure to let all your Saltwash layer completely dry before your top coat.

Step 5) Color-wash stage


This is where your inspiration and paint colors all come to life! Choose which color to start with and paint it in a section of your canvas, typically within the guidelines that were originally sketched. Meet your next color to the edge of the previous one by blending. Continue throughout with all your paint colors.

Step 6) The Big Reveal!

Once your painting is completely dry you will want to gradually reveal all of your fabulous Saltwash layers.  Gradually sanding in sections to start is suggested, so you can let the painting guide you to how you want the finish look to be.


Step 7) Finishing touches.

Some finishing touches can really add that gallery look you are wanting. Sealants like decoupage can add a lovely oil-like glazed affect to your finished piece.

Now… where to hang…….

Happy Saltwash-ing~

xxoo Carol