Saltwash is an easy to use base coat formula to give a layered and textured effect when mixed with any brand or type of paint!

Apply your mixture to any piece of furniture or surface to achieve an authentic time worn look, as if weathered from years on the coast, in just a few easy steps. It’s an instant and affordable genuine vintage look. Follow our easy 3 step process and helpful tips to achieve your desired effect!

How To Video:


Mix the Saltwash powder using the included scoop, to any paint of your choice. The Saltwash to paint ratio can be based on 20oz - 25oz of Saltwash to one quart of paint, for desired effect. This amount can be increased or decreased depending on the amount of paint you choose to use.


Important: Desired paint mixture should be like a thick cake icing.

Step 1

Apply heavily all over in a “glob” like technique. You will notice the heavy Saltwash texture, this is good and will add to the look you want to achieve. When the Saltwash layer is half way dry and still tacky, wipe softly with a paint brush, using light paint strokes in a back and forth motion to slightly smooth down the Saltwash. These strokes should only lightly smooth out the Saltwash layer leaving the heavy “globbed” texture more even and only slightly smoother. If the Saltwash layer becomes to dry to smooth down, simply dampen the paint brush with water and resmooth. If you need more texture, simply reapply the Saltwash.

Step 2

Once the Saltwash layer is completely dry, apply your top coat of paint. No Saltwash will be added to this topcoat of paint in this step. Reapply this topcoat of paint as desired.

Step 3

Once your paint is totally dry, a light sanding to your final piece of furniture will bring out the underlayer details of the Saltwash and give it the multi layered and the "years aged on the salty coast" look and feel you want!


  • Use differing paint colors for the Saltwash coat and final coat to give contrast and really show the layers of paint.
  • Using a higher gloss or Satin finish for the final coat adds to an authentic look as if it was salvaged from an old beach cottage... back when oil and lead paints were used ;)
  • Try multiple layers of Saltwash to add more interest.
  • A light coat of wax in a brown tone will add to an authentic vintage look.