Saltwash®  powder is the Original and Best product to create weathered faux effects on any project or furniture item.  It is an easy to use base coat formula to give a weathered and textured effect when mixed with any brand or type of paint! Apply your mixture to any piece of furniture or surface to achieve an authentic time worn look, as if weathered from years on the coast, in just a few easy steps. It’s an instant and affordable genuine vintage look. Follow our easy 3 step process and helpful tips to achieve your desired effect! Saltwash powder is a no voc product and all of the ingredients in it are considered safe in a working environment. We at Saltwash® LLC., are very concerned with safety, so we recommend to always take precautions. Due to the powdery composition, we suggest wearing proper respiratory and eye protection when mixing and sanding. Saltwash® powder is manufactured in the U.S.A

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Rockstar joining Saltwash® team!

If you could have a Rock Star on your team you would  right!?!…. I mean no matter what team, kickball, cupcake wars, karaoke sing off- Rock Star, that’s who you’d pick out of the line up. So why should painting be any different?   Introducing….   We at Saltwash are so excited to announce that the […]

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HGTV Magazine – Get The FINISHED LOOK you want in no time

Use Saltwash® to add an authentic-looking vintage coating. With a FLEXIO sprayer from Wagner you can add a lasting finish to any piece in an instant. With Saltwash® and Wagner, HGTV magazine says you can "take on the texture"! Spend your weekend perched on your porch, not painting it. With a Wagner FLEXiO, and Saltwash®, you can reinvent your outdoor furniture in an afternoon. FLEXiO sprayers with Saltwash can deliver paint to every nook and cranny, allowing you to cover every intricate detail in minutes with ease.

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Domino Magazine : People we Love

Domino Magazine featuring owners of Saltwash®; “People We Love”

Top Designers, creators and just cool people get featured in this spot on top magazine, Domino, "People We Love" board on Pinterest

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House and Home Magazine

Saltwashing- Love the timeworn look but don't have time to wait?